Smoothies and Coaching a Path to Weight Loss?

RALEIGH (WTVD) — Nourish is a small nutrition club nestled among the Shops at Seaboard Station in Downtown Raleigh.

“We have our smoothie bar that’s open all day long where you can come in, get a healthy smoothie and a green tea in place of maybe a fast food option, and we’re also health coaches, so we sit down and work with clients one on one,” explained Nourish co-founder Brook Belden.

The smoothies are basically meal replacements packed with vitamins and nutrients that come from the Herbalife product line. Belden started selling Herbalife part-time several years ago and was so impressed with the results she saw, personally, that she and her husband quit their regular jobs to open Nourish with another couple. Now they dedicate their time to helping clients like Sarah Sassorossi, an NCSU student who started on the Herbalife line in October.

“Well I’ve lost 19 pounds so far, so weight loss was my big thing, and then just being more active. So I started running with the energy I got from these products and I just started half marathon training on Monday for the Rock and Roll Raleigh half marathon,” Sassarossi proudly exclaimed.

As part of her weight loss plan, Sassarossi is doing two smoothies a day with a healthy meal for dinner. And while using shakes or smoothies as part of a meal replacement plan isn’t a new concept, a brick and mortar nutrition club where you can buy the products one at a time or stock up on a month’s supply is. It also allows for face-to-face interactions with wellness coaches to help keep you accountable.

“We talk about it being 80-percent nutrition, 20-percent exercise, 100-percent mindset, so that’s our philosophy, so we focus on the nutrition and then just get them inspired to just be active,” Belden said.

One way Nourish does that is by hosting a free fit club a couple times a week on Tuesday nights and Saturday mornings. They also host periodic weight loss challenges. And, as a testament to their success, many of their former clients who have shed pounds then stay on with Nourish to be wellness coaches, themselves.

As always, before starting a weight loss program it’s advised that you check with your doctor, first.