Let’s Make Every Month Nutrition Month

By Alan Hoffman, Executive Vice President, Global Corporate Affairs
March 31, 2015, 4:52 PM

Good nutrition and exercise are the key to a healthy life

March is National Nutrition Month®. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics created this campaign in 1973 to increase awareness of the importance of good nutrition. This month’s theme: “Bite Into a Healthy Lifestyle.” The campaign is meant to educate people about making smart food choices and the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle.

Nutrition experts from all walks of life agree that a healthy life requires good nutrition and regular exercise.
Leading a healthy lifestyle – fueling your body with the right nutrition, combined with exercise – helps many people keep their weight down, their energy up and can help in the prevention of disease and illness.

So, what can you do to lead a healthier lifestyle? Congressman Charlie Rangel from New York adopted “The Rangel Resolution” – eat a healthy breakfast, eliminate hidden sugar, and make smart choices when dining out. All good, practical ideas.

U.S. Army leaders recommend “The Triad”. Sleep, activity and nutrition form the trifecta needed for a soldier to improve their fitness, cognitive performance and manage their weight, according to Major Bethany A. Belanger, nutrition lead for the System for Health and Performance Triad at the Army Office of the Surgeon General.

There are of course differences in the specifics that smart people recommend, but experts all agree on the same overriding fact: we all agree that a healthy lifestyle consists of a smart diet and plenty of exercise. Watch what you eat, when you eat it, and move around!

The federal government has an excellent resource on nutrition; I encourage you to check it out ‘Choose My Plate’.

Don’t limit your healthy life choices to Nutrition Month® – let’s keep it going every month.
At Herbalife, every month is Nutrition Month®. What works in March works throughout the year – our independent Herbalife members are working with their customers every day to help them make smart nutrition choices and keep them exercising. So let’s not use National Nutrition Month the way many of us use our New Year’s Resolutions – where we devote ourselves to, say, going to the gym, and that lasts about three weeks.

Herbalife has been around since 1980, and that is more than 400 months of good nutrition. Let’s keep it going, so the conversation in March of 2016 is about what we did and what we will keep doing, not what we are going to do in the future.