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Celebrating Nutrition Month on Herbalife Social Media

By Herbalife Staff
March 11, 2016, 6:07 PM

March is a great time to reinforce the importance of making the right food choices, practicing healthy eating habits and getting enough physical activity on a daily basis.

The Herbalife Global Nutrition Philosophy is consistent with this month’s nutrition theme. It’s based on balanced nutrition, leading an active life and following a personalized program with the help of an Independent Herbalife Member.

But according to a 2013 Gallup survey, most Americans are struggling to get good nutrition and are still consuming too many calories:

  • Eight out of 10 Americans eat fast food at least once a month
  • Almost half eat fast food at least once a week
  • Only 43% pay attention to nutritional information when eating out
  • Half of young adults and nonwhite Americans drink regular soda

And the consequences of poor diet and inactivity are clear:

  • In the United States, 28% of adults are obese
  • The diabetes rate was 11.4% in 2015, matching an all-time high
  • Whites show the sharpest uptick in obesity and diabetes rates

Throughout the month, our social media content on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will focus on nutrition. We are spreading the word about our nutrition philosophy and the building blocks of healthy nutrition including protein, carbs and fiber. And we will share information about the ingredients found in our products such as Aloe vera, soy protein and antioxidant vitamins A and C and more.

We’ll also talk about the importance of hydration; how proper hydration affects overall wellness; hydration and weight management; hydration tips and foods that support hydration.

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