Thousands of Volunteers Ready to Help Out at Special Olympics

KTTV: Begin the 2015 Special Olympics World Games, very exciting. Southern California’s Special Olympics World Games are next week and volunteers are getting ready. Christine Devine has more. I.D. gets her into the t-shirt makes her official. 30,000 volunteers for the Special Olympics World Games. I have worked with Special Ed kids in the past and now I have extra time. They call this location the Herbalife Accreditation Distribution Center in Carson. Rick Southbury is in charge of processing an army of volunteers and staff. We had 27 pallets of hats, shirts had packs in these different items we will be giving out. It’s a lie crowd here but SoCal you ready for this. 85 communities from Santa Barbara to San Diego hosting athletes and teams coming from 165 countries. One volunteer translator from Bosnia Croatia and Serbia. It will be fun to see my country mates. I haven’t seen them for five years. Is it your way to give back and stay home? Exactly and have a little bit of fun. My brother has Tourette’s syndrome so I have a passion for it. How proud are you? I‘m really proud. We are going to help fix them up if they are wounded. We will take care of it. That’s a cool way to volunteer. How excited are you? Pretty excited. You are one of the volunteers? What do you do the games. We are distributing shirts and we will be in the stands. Kind of feels real now that it is super close and I’m really excited. They’re not taking any more volunteers. It’s too late to go to the background checked thing but to attend the games go to for a list of all the action.