Group2 - Constructive Support to Our Community in L.A.

Constructive Support to Our Community in L.A.

By Megan Jordan, Senior Vice President, Global Corporate Communications, Herbalife
August 3, 2016

Making time to give back to my community and to contribute to activities that benefit people in need is important to me. That’s why I’m fortunate to work for a company like Herbalife that emphasizes volunteerism and giving back, and encourages its employees and members to give their time to worthy causes. Recently, my colleagues and I rolled up our sleeves and helped to build two new homes being completed by Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles (Habitat LA), in Montebello, a suburb of Los Angeles. We provided the volunteers and the company made a donation of $10,000 for materials and equipment.

Habitat LA provides homes to hard-working, low-income families and people living in poor conditions, and has a program dedicated to helping U.S. veterans. One of the homes we built supported that initiative, and is for Maria, a single mother of two teenagers and a U.S. Navy veteran. Maria works full-time as a senior typist clerk and lives with her children in a two-bedroom apartment that is in disrepair. To say that Maria is grateful and excited to move into her new home is an understatement. Maria says that partnering with Habitat LA to build and purchase her first home is one of her greatest accomplishments in life.


And there were other families with inspiring stories: Newlyweds Derek and Linsey are just starting out. Derek is a youth pastor, Linsey is working towards her degree in Intercultural Development and they are both active volunteers in their church and in mission work. And then there’s Benito and Francis, who were moved to tears when they learned that they were going to be homeowners. Benito and Francis are volunteering with Habitat LA as part of their sweat equity hours (Habitat LA partner families are expected to help out in the construction of their home). Benito is a payroll specialist and Francis is a stay-at-home mom to their two sons. They are grateful for the hand-up that Habitat LA is providing so that they can leave their current dangerous neighborhood in order to build a better future for their family.


Hearing the stories of these families is a reminder of the importance of projects like these. They support the community and provide economic empowerment to working people, which are values that really resonate with all of us here at Herbalife.


To continue its mission, Habitat LA counts on volunteers, so please reach out to them for more information. If you live in the Los Angeles area and are interested in lending a hand, please visit the Habitat LA website. Please also think about U.S. veterans you may know who might be interested in learning more, and refer them to the site for more information.