Iam Herbalife has travel tips and advice - Planning a Summer Getaway? Herbalife Has Travel Tips and Advice

Planning a Summer Getaway? Herbalife Has Travel Tips and Advice

By Herbalife Staff
June 7, 2016

June marks the official start of summer in the northern hemisphere and it’s a popular time of year for people to plan vacations, travel and enjoy more outdoor activities.

Taking time off is about more than just having fun; a Gallup survey revealed that workers who take regular vacations report better overall well-being than employees who don’t.

At Herbalife in June, our social media channels and blogs, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, will focus on travel, men’s health and nutrition to support outdoor activities.

On DiscoverGoodNutrition.com, Samantha Clayton will share tips on how to use stretching to better cope with long flights, and Susan Bowerman will discuss how to avoid weight gain when travelling. To coincide with National Men’s Health Week from June 15 to 21, expert Jacquie Carter will share five valuable skin care tips for men.

We also have weekly blogs planned for IAmHerbalife.com that cover a variety of topics in nutrition and fitness thought leadership including:

• The finalization of the first official dietary supplement database in the United States
• Profiles of international athletes Bayron Piedra and Nile Wilson
• The findings of an Herbalife nutrition at work survey conducted in select Asia Pacific countries
• And, ahead of the Games in Rio later this summer, a celebration of Olympics Day on June 23

As you prepare for the summer, check back with Herbalife for valuable tips and strategies to make the most of the season.