Herbalife Goes to Sacramento

By Amy Greene, Senior Vice President, Global Engagement
March 13, 2015

Pride swells as Herbalife members take to the State Capitol to show their support for the California, and each other.

In February 2015, Herbalife descended upon Sacramento, where more than 1,000 members from across California came together in front of the State Capitol to show their support for our company and to tell legislators, policymakers and the media about their positive experiences with Herbalife.

Herbalife Members Rally Together
Members with diverse backgrounds and with very different stories gathered for a rally on the steps of the Capitol building to show their support. They waved Herbalife banners, wore Herbalife shirts and spoke freely to the assembled masses about how Herbalife had changed their lives. One member from Los Angeles spoke about the three jobs he didn’t enjoy – but needed to support his family, and how Herbalife allowed him to finally do something to help others through his personal passion for fitness and healthy living. The crowd also heard from three generations of members from the same family who came to show their support. It was an incredible show of strength, unity and passion, as a sea of green and a wave of positivity engulfed the front of the Capitol building.

Supporters in Full Force
Herbalife members were joined by supporters of the company, including James Bell from the children’s charity, Common Threads, who spoke about how they partnered with Herbalife to improve the nutrition of underserved children across the United States. And John Kabateck, California Executive Director of the National Federation of Independent Business, who praised the entrepreneurial spirit of our members, thanked them for the contribution they make to the Californian economy, and reiterated the importance of making yourself heard in the Capitol through such events.

Social Media Tells the Story
Many media outlets were there to witness this incredible show of support, and our online communities were buzzing with excitement and gestures of encouragement from around the world. If a picture paints a thousand words, then our Facebook and Instagram pages certainly tell a great story from that day. And the Herbalife ShakeMobile – our branded RV – parked close by to make sure everyone who passed through the event got to sample our products. We served 38 gallons of Herbalife24 Rebuild Strength, and handed out Herbalife 24 Hydrate, Herbalife H3O, and 30 cases of branded water bottles. No one around the Capitol building that day was in any doubt that Herbalife was in town.

Herbalife Makes a Significant Economic and Social Contribution to California:

  • Herbalife and our 120,000 members have paid nearly $30 million in California sales tax on Herbalife products.
  • Our 1,500 resident employees remitted more than $16 million in state income tax.
  • We have a manufacturing facility in Lake Forest that has produced more than 170 million units of Herbalife product since 2010
  • We have a distribution center in Carson that ships 100,000 product orders per month; and sales centers in San Jose and Tracy.
  • We have two corporate offices – one in Torrance and one in Downtown LA. We were one of the first companies to relocate to LA Live as part of the city’s regeneration program.

Herbalife is proud to call California our home, since 1980. We are proud of all that we contribute here and look forward to finding new ways to continue to contribute in the future.