American Red Cross and Herbalife Partner to Encourage Blood Donations

By Amy Greene, Senior Vice President, Global Engagement, Herbalife
November 5, 2015

Herbalife and the American Red Cross have something very important in common: they both rely on community support to succeed. Herbalife is a nutrition company with products that are only available through independent Herbalife members who support and coach their customers. And it takes a community of blood donors to ensure that lifesaving blood is available in local hospitals when patients need it most.

It’s this commitment to community that makes us proud to join the Red Cross to provide nutritious post-donation snacks to blood and platelet donors.

A Post-Donation Protein Snack
As part of the agreement we announced in July, Herbalife is providing more than 280,000 protein bars (valued at $500,000) to be served at Red Cross blood drives nationwide. During the lifespan of the partnership, Herbalife protein bars, both donated to the Red Cross and sold to consumers, will feature Herbalife and Red Cross branding.

Through this partnership, we are offering blood donors a nutritious snack as a way to re-energize after their donation and also to provide a special thank you for their commitment to helping maintain a stable blood supply.

We are excited about this partnership as it leverages both our expertise and resources for the greatest community impact. Together, the Herbalife family is supporting this mission by promoting blood drive participation in communities where we do business.

To kick off the partnership in July, Herbalife hosted a two-day blood drive at Herbalife Extravaganza in St. Louis where more than 25,000 members and employees were in attendance. Over the next year we will host additional blood drives at member events around the country.

The bars are being offered to blood and platelet donors in the refreshment areas at select blood drives and blood donation centers across the country. Health professionals recommend that individuals eat a nutritious meal and hydrate immediately after donating blood.

Shared Commitment to Changing Lives
“Our mission at Herbalife is to change people’s lives and so we proudly partner with the American Red Cross to help them further their noble work,” said Michael O. Johnson, chairman and CEO, Herbalife. “Having a nutritious snack after donating blood is important, and we are honored to be a source of that nutrition to blood donors after they give blood.”

“We appreciate Herbalife’s efforts to help raise awareness about the constant need for blood,” said Donna Morrissey, director of National Partnerships, Red Cross Biomedical Services. “The generous donation from Herbalife is a wonderful addition to our blood drives – these nourishing protein bars will be a great way to thank blood donors for rolling up a sleeve to help save lives.”

Team Herbalife Gets Involved
Herbalife employees have been contributing to the American Red Cross in substantial ways for years. In July, Joyce Keith, safety supervisor, global security, Herbalife, was acknowledged as an Outstanding Summer 2015 Blood Drive Coordinator by Darrin Greenlee, CEO of American Red Cross Blood Services, Southern California Region (see photo).

As globally certified instructor for the American Red Cross, Joyce has volunteered for over 21 years. This year, employees in Southern California made more than 150 blood donations. What’s even more impressive is Team Herbalife’s support could contribute to helping save more than 450 lives! Herbalife also received a certificate of appreciation for an ‘outstanding summer 2015 blood drive’ from the American Red Cross.

Making a Difference, Together
Our partnership with the American Red Cross is one way that Herbalife is helping to give back to communities. Thanks to the enthusiastic support of Team Herbalife, it’s a commitment that has the potential to change lives around the United States.