Diverse young friends in sportswear laughing together at the gym

We Go Further Together: How Community Helps With Your Fitness Goals

Samantha Clayton, Vice President, Sports Performance and Fitness Education | Herbalife Nutrition​ | March 27, 2018
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It’s easy to make goals: just think about how packed the gym is on January 2. But it’s not so easy to reach your goals when life gets in the way, you’re stressed with work, or sometimes, when you’re just plain tired. Here’s the good news: your fitness goals don’t need to be epic feats of superb athleticism, like winning triathlons or breaking world records. Even a little shift in how you move throughout your day can produce health benefits, and what’s more, when you exercise with others, you have a better chance to meet (or beat!) your goals.


There are so many benefits to regular exercise, including:

  • Controlling weight
  • Reducing the risk of heart disease, diabetes and metabolic syndrome (a clustering of conditions such as high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and high cholesterol)
  • Reducing the risk of some cancers
  • Improving mental health and your mood
  • Increasing your longevity

Making Exercise Count

Working out with friends has multiple advantages. Research shows that you’re more accountable to show up, you’ll learn new moves and you’ll work harder. It also has a greater calming effect than when done alone.


One way to find exercise friends is through an Herbalife Nutrition Club operated by an Herbalife independent distributor. At a Nutrition Club, invited customers enjoy healthy meal-replacement protein shakes while benefiting from a supportive community of people who provide encouragement and guidance to achieve their weight and fitness goals.


Many independent distributors also offer group fitness activities. Often referred to as Fit Clubs, these locations provide customers the option to participate in group exercise classes–inside the club or outdoors.


Through Nutrition and Fit Clubs, Herbalife Nutrition distributors continue to dedicate their time and energy toward creating healthier and happier communities.