Global Report: Malnutrition and Obesity are Occurring at the Same Time in Many Countries

By Dr. Luigi Gratton, Vice President, Nutrition Education and Development
July 26, 2016

The release of the Global Nutrition Report, which is sponsored by the International Food Policy Research Institute, points to some troubling trends:

  • Obesity and overweight are on the rise in every region of the world.
  • The United States, Germany and 12 other countries have high obesity rates.
  • The largest increase of overweight children is currently being seen in Asia.
  • The rate of children, five years of age and younger, who are overweight is close to that of those who are wasting.

The obesity epidemic is taking a huge economic toll on nations and individuals alike. To combat the effects of malnutrition, countries in Africa and Asia spend 11 percent of their gross domestic product on average every year. In the United States, an obese person will likely pay eight percent of his/her annual income in additional health care costs.

The Obesity Epidemic

When and how the obesity epidemic started is still a question being debated by experts, but there are certain factors that contribute to the problem in the United States:

  • There is an abundance of inexpensive, good tasting, easily accessible and super-sized portioned foods.
  • Many more jobs are sedentary and demand very little physical activity.
  • People are enjoying more sedentary “screen time” and less active “play time.”
  • People are getting less sleep and being exposed to more stress.*

In summary, we’re consuming more food, but not necessarily more nutrients. We’re also moving less and not doing enough to burn those excess calories.

Herbalife’s Part in Helping Fight Obesity

As a premier nutrition company, Herbalife is focused on providing nutritious foods and supplements to help individuals reach their weight loss goals and embark on a path to a healthy, active lifestyle. Our global nutrition philosophy is based on balanced nutrition, leading a healthy, active life and following a personalized program with the help of an independent Herbalife member. This philosophy is helping to change the nutrition habits of the world, one person at a time. Herbalife members play an important role in guiding and supporting our customers by serving as role models. Many of them themselves are a product of their own success and can provide nutrition information as well as encouragement to individuals looking to improve their health and wellbeing.

A grassroots approach is needed to battle the overweight and poor nutrition megatrends. By working one person, one community at a time, these public health challenges can be addressed and maybe even reversed.

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