Weightlifter Le Van Cong: Breaking Records and Barriers

By Dana Ryan, Ph.D., Senior Manager of Sport Performance and Education, Herbalife
September 27, 2016

Weightlifter Le Van Cong is an inspiration! Seeing athletes achieve their lifelong goals is a strong reminder of why I love my job as a sports and nutrition scientist at Herbalife.

Le not only just won an important international weightlifting competition but set a new world record in the process!

I frequently work with athletes like Le who are competing on the world stage to help them customize their personal nutrition program in support of their training and performance. While we can provide athletes with recommendations on the best nutrition strategies; it’s so impressive to witness someone like Le put it all into practice. He did an incredible job to take proper care of his nutrition and fitness, and turned all of that preparation and discipline into results.


Our goal at Herbalife is to help all of our athletes to use nutrition to set them apart from the competition. Since many elite athletes have to balance training with work and family commitments, we provide easy nutrition tips and personalized shake recipes to supplement their daily nutritional needs and easily fit into their schedule. The athletes and teams we sponsor trust Herbalife® nutrition products to keep them fueled and hydrated before, during and after training and competition. And because our Herbalife24® sports nutrition line is tested and validated for quality by NSF Certified for Sport®, athletes who use our products can be assured that they are free of athletic banned substances.


On a daily basis, we are inspired by Le and all of the 200-plus athletes and teams that we sponsor around the world. They truly show us how to strive to achieve our goals and reach new heights! Congratulations to Le Van Cong!