How Triathlons, Competition and Community Keep Me In the Game

By Kevin Kraus, Manager, Business Optimization, Herbalife
September 15, 2015

September is a great month for fitness at Herbalife as we sponsor triathlons in Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington D.C. and Malibu. This is particularly exciting for me, as I’ve competed in triathlons despite an accident in 2014 that left me down for a little while, but not out of the race.

Team Herbalife continues to demonstrate what a healthy, active life is all about. On Sunday, September 13, an estimated 700 Independent Herbalife Members and employees joined me to participate in the LA Triathlon, an event that Herbalife has sponsored for the past eight years.

As this year’s “Official Fluid Replacement” provider for the LA Triathlon, Herbalife provided its recovery and hydration products to athletes to ensure participants received the nutrition needed to complete the triathlon.

The endurance community is one we have a longstanding relationship with, both through the events we are involved with around the world, and the successful athletes who benefit from our sports nutrition products. We are excited to once again be involved in the sponsorship of triathlons across the country.

In the nation’s capital this past weekend, Herbalife sponsored the D.C. Nation’s Triathlon. Herbalife hosted the official “Herbalife Recovery Zone” and was the title sponsor of the “Herbalife Congressional Challenge.” The race has 3,500 participants, includes a swim in the Potomac River, bike course through downtown D.C., and a run along Washington D.C.’s monument corridor adjacent to the nation’s best known memorials and historical landmarks.

Back in California, Herbalife is also sponsoring the Nautica Malibu Triathlon. As the first ever endurance event sponsorship in Herbalife’s history, the Nautica Malibu Triathlon is one of the nation’s most iconic triathlons and will be held in Zuma Beach on September 20, 2015. Gathering thousands of participants including the world’s finest athletes, philanthropists, celebrities and supporters, the Nautica Malibu Triathlon will provide the ultimate fitness experience with a half-mile ocean swim, 18 mile bike ride and four mile run by the beach. Fundraising efforts will benefit the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles’ Pediatric Cancer Research Program, dedicated to curing and preventing childhood cancers.

In Chicago, Herbalife is the Official Nutrition, Wellness and Sports Performance Partner of the 2015 ITU World Triathlon Grand Final and World Championships. More than 6,500 triathletes from 62 countries are expected to compete next week in the ITU World Triathlon Grand Final Chicago at Grant Park. All participants, including elites, age-group athletes, para-triathletes, juniors and under-23 athletes will stay fueled through Herbalife’s sports nutrition products.

The training and races keep me moving, motivated and focused on preparing to do something I love; compete. It takes dedication, discipline, planning, pacing, strength, balance and endurance to participate competitively in a triathlon, and I strive to apply all of these qualities to my personal and professional life.

Applying Triathlon Lessons: Body and Mind

Kevin Kraus and Elizabeth Lopez reviewing the LA Triathlon 2015 course at Torrance Beach.
Kevin Kraus and Elizabeth Lopez reviewing the LA Triathlon 2015 course at Torrance Beach.When I first started competing in triathlons, it was tempting at the start of the race to get caught up in the excitement and head out too fast. Before long, my adrenaline would wane and fatigue would set in. So instead of finishing strong and maintaining a steady pace through the finish line, I was struggling.


But then, through advice from experienced triathletes and training, I learned how to approach triathlons in a different way. By changing my training habits and mindset, I was able to find a rhythm and pace that resulted in lower times and better performances. By focusing on my form, my breathing, and by gradually accelerating over the course of the race, I felt stronger, more focused and certainly more able to finish each triathlon with momentum.

The supreme challenge of a triathlon is similar to other life and business challenges. To run a strong race, you need to train, you need to condition, you need to plan and you need to be patient. When you build the right foundation and combine that with a great plan, amazing things are possible.

Prepare and Succeed with a Healthy, Active Life
Like life, where you start in the triathlon is much less important than how you finish. The accumulation of correct choices and discipline generates positive momentum and results. In life, as in the race, the competitor who has prepared has a better chance to win. Competitors, who train consistently and prioritize rest, water and nutrition, stand a better chance of performing at their peak and extending their career through smart nutrition and lifestyle choices.

Building Strength through a Supportive Community
One of the best parts of competing in triathlon events each year is that I get the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life and from all around the world. A few similarities are clearly visible among elite competitors: they all take their training as seriously as the competition; they all work together to motivate, encourage and help their fellow athletes excel.

Community support is a big part of endurance events. The support of fans cheering from the sidelines is huge motivation, but it goes beyond that. In a triathlon, your community includes your teammates and competition that push and encourage you to be better.

Working out and competing in a community environment makes exercise fun. When you train and compete with others, you often work harder and hold each other accountable. The encouragement I get from friends and colleagues along the way is inspiring.

Here at Herbalife, our Independent Herbalife Members and our company employees form an incredible and unique community of support. Whether people come to Herbalife to improve their nutrition, work on body confidence goals or, like many others, for help improving their energy and fitness performance – our community comes together to provide motivation and support.

I take a lot of pride in working for a company like Herbalife that creates nutrition products and a community that encourages people to embrace a healthy, active lifestyle. And at unique endurance competitions like triathlons, the values of good nutrition, regular exercise and community support combine to create a memorable experience that brings all of these elements together.

We accomplish so much more together. We can go so much further, for so much longer, together than alone. Teamwork is critical for lasting success. The team is our source of strength, of our accountability, and of our excellence.

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