Team Herbalife Pushes the Limits at 2015 Tour Transalp

By Michael O. Johnson, Chairman and CEO, Herbalife
July 8, 2015

Climbing the Mountain
Imagine competing in the 550-mile 2015 Tour Transalp, one of the most challenging cycling races in Europe. It includes more than 62,000 vertical feet of climbing on an intimidating, seven-stage course that starts in southern Germany and finishes in Italy. With steep ascents, changing conditions and more than 1,100 riders, the 2015 Tour Transalp takes training, planning, luck and teamwork. And for the third consecutive year, an enthusiastic Team Herbalife, including company employees and Independent Herbalife Members from Taiwan, made a strong showing.

Participating in a demanding event like the 2015 Tour Transalp requires dedication, passion and commitment – the same qualities seen in the employees and Members at Herbalife. When you combine these attributes with our nutrition products and community environment, we have a global platform to support healthy, active lives in more than 90 countries.

Team Herbalife
This sense of teamwork is one of the reasons we are able to compete in events like the 2015 Tour Transalp, and its also found throughout our company. One of the key members of Team Herbalife and keen endurance cyclist is John Heiss, who has a Ph.D. in biochemistry and has led the development of the Herbalife24® line of products. John is an example of someone who “walks the walk” at Herbalife. As a former competitive cyclist and the senior director of sports and fitness for the company, John Heiss is passionate about Herbalife and our products. And John has something in common with so many of us at Herbalife; he attacks every day with positive enthusiasm and embraces a healthy, active life. He has the expertise and he follows his own advice when it comes to prioritizing training and nutrition.

The Importance of Good Nutrition
As part of our sponsorship of 2015 Tour Transalp, we are bringing the message of Herbalife Nutrition to the sports community. And nutrition plays a critical role in this event. During the race we had Herbalife24® Hydrate on hand and immediately after each stage, we refueled with Herbalife24® Rebuild Endurance. Consuming performance nutrition products before, during and after each stage helped us stay energized, fresh and prepared for another big climb the next day.

Supporting Healthy, Active Lives
This concept of a “healthy, active life” is part of our global nutrition philosophy, and after 35 years in business, we’ve seen what works. The answer to achieving lasting change isn’t in a magic pill; it’s about eating right, taking care of yourself and getting exercise on a consistent basis.

Here are six more ways we reinforce fitness throughout the company:

  1. We are the official nutrition partners of more than 190 athletes, teams and events around the world, including pro cycling teams, the LA Galaxy and Cristiano Ronaldo.
  1. Herbalife Members and employees participate in local and worldwide events like the Los Angeles Triathlon and World Record Workout. Even here at the Tour Transalp 2015, I’m honored to be joined by Herbalife Members from Taiwan who share my passion for cycling.
  1. Our Members organize regular group fitness activities, like hikes, games, or aerobics every day. Through these regular workout sessions, they are able to share their enthusiasm for fitness in their community.
  1. Many of our Herbalife offices have on site gyms or discounted gym membership for team Herbalife.
  1. Employees are provided with free Herbalife products while at work. We encourage all employees to sample products and many go on to make Herbalife nutrition part of their everyday lives.
  1. Voluntary wellness programs are provided to all employees. Staff in North America are incentivized with rewards for embracing a healthy, active life.

We’re proud of what we do here at Herbalife to promote public health through good nutrition products and endorsing a healthy, active life. Whether your goal is to compete in an intense athletic competition or if you’re focused on finding better nutrition, we offer a positive environment; we believe in what we’re doing; and, together, we “walk the walk.”

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