Carlos Mario Oquendo: BMX Racer Speeds onto World Stage with Good Nutrition

By Dana Ryan, Ph.D., Senior Manager of Sport Performance and Education, Herbalife
September 6, 2016

Professional BMX rider Carlos Mario Oquendo has been on the bicycle racing fast track for a long time. “My dad was really interested in riding bicycles,” says Oquendo. “He got me into it and I loved it so much that I naturally got involved with BMX.”

In the 1970s, BMX racing, a type of off-road bicycle racing, originated as a safer and less expensive alternative to motorcycle motocross. Ever since, its popularity has grown rapidly and several elite racers have emerged and risen to the top of the sport.

Oquendo recently competed for Colombia on the world stage in Rio and was knocked out in the semifinal heat.

He’s proud of the fact that Colombia is a country that goes above and beyond to foster BMX talent. “It’s a great place to train and compete in the sport,” he says. “We have plenty of places to practice, especially here in Antioquia. We also have good trainers and a lot of competitions.”

Racing Towards Nutrition

Oquendo is known for his winning attitude and confidence, but he believes that his performance is dependent upon careful physical and mental preparation. “BMX racing requires strength, balance and coordination, but also a high degree of concentration,” he says. To get ready for competition, he trains several hours a day in the preseason and transitions to training fulltime before competing. “I go to the gym to build my strength and endurance, and I train at the racetrack, fine-tuning all aspects of my racing skills.” He also focuses on nutrition. “In the last several years, I have become convinced that nutrition can make the difference between winning and losing,” he says. “BMX racing requires that you recover after training and competition. Proper nutrition allows me to do this. It’s a necessary complement to rigorous training.”

Gunning for Gold

Competing at the highest level of the sport influenced Oquendo’s decision to focus on nutrition even more. “After winning the bronze medal in London, I wanted to keep improving my performance so I could eventually win gold,” he says. “When I became more knowledgeable about pre-, during and post-workout nutrition, I realized Herbalife was my best option.” Oquendo uses Herbalife24® Formula 1 Sport when he has a long training session and Liftoff® because it helps him stay alert and focused with caffeine*. “Every day, I want to be a better athlete and improve my nutrition so I can be better in sport and in life. My ultimate goal is to win a gold medal and make my country proud,” he says.

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