Herbalife Celebrates Olympic Day as Athletes Prepare for Rio

By Dana Ryan, Ph.D., Sports Performance and Education, Herbalife
June 26, 2016

Today is Olympic Day and the excitement is building for the Games in Rio in August. Olympic Day was created in 1948 as a way to commemorate the birth of the modern Olympic Games back in 1894. Olympic Day’s mission is to promote fitness, well-being, culture and education, while promoting the values of excellence, friendship and respect.

To spread the message about the importance of regular exercise and balanced nutrition as part of a healthy, active lifestyle, Herbalife is the official sponsor of four National Olympic Committees (Costa Rica, Israel, Italy and Vietnam) and more than 70 athletes from over 17 countries competing on the world stage this summer. Countries from the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Asia will all be represented by athletes sponsored by Herbalife.

To help these athletes accomplish their dreams of competing in the Games, Herbalife works to support their specific nutritional and training needs. Even when training to represent their country, some of our top sponsored athletes are unable to train for their sport full-time because they need to earn a living and provide for their families. These athletes have to balance their intense training schedules with family and work, making good quality nutrition even more important to help get them through their day.

Herbalife Celebrates Olympic Day as Athletes Prepare for RioOur work with the Costa Rican Olympic Committee is a prime example of how we’d like to work with all of our sponsored athletes around the world. We don’t show up once or send product one time and go away; we like to create an ongoing relationship.

A few months ago we went down to Costa Rica and did some testing with our athletes in conjunction with their sports scientists and worked with their team nutritionist, Catalina Fernandez, to determine how we could help the athletes achieve their goals and make things better.

“It’s hard for athletes to really understand the importance of recovery and how they need to eat after,” said Fernandez. “It’s really nice and it’s such a big help to me to have all of these Herbalife products available down here.“

The best part about being a global company is that no matter where the athletes we sponsored are located, there’s a good chance they have access to Herbalife products. For example, we had two Costa Rican volleyball players who recently had a competition in Rio. We were able to connect them with the local Brazil office and send them products, so no matter where they were we were able to get them exactly what they needed.

“It’s been amazing and it’s not only having the products,” said Catalina, “It’s having that support behind you.”

While we support our amazing athletes, we also strive to inspire everyone to find their inner athlete. Olympic Day is an opportunity to reflect on how sports can positively contribute to society and communities through learning about teamwork, health promotion, and the benefit and fun of trying new sports and activities. Use the inspiring stories of these athletes to get out and do something active today!

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